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Dave Hughes Enterprises

                                "Music & Mayhem just for you. ........

                                Drone Videos and HD Quality Photos from a unique perspective

                                that you can only get with a drone

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Dave Hughes Enterprises .......... ?

David Nicholas Hughes ......?

I am a country boy through and through, I was born in Quorn and have lived here almost all of my life. Quorn is a beautiful little town nestled in the Heart of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia with a population of approximately 1200 people and probably twice as many kangaroos and dogs. It is a great place to live and grow up and of course play music and is only 42Kms from Port Augusta the nearest City. 

Quorn SA 5433

Quorn has a lot going for it with 4 Pubs and a reasonable amount of accommodation as well as a great Caravan Park and IGA Supermarket. 3 Great Coffee shops/restaurants, Emily's Bistro, The QUorn Cafe and The Quandong Cafe. Plus Emily's Bistro is expanding their accommodation to include a big two storey complex with a conference centre.

What I Do ?

Well as much as I hate selling myself I guess I have too........ I am a Singer Songwriter and I have written quite a lot of songs that have yet to gain any commercial success but they are always works in progress.. I am in a Band as well with 2 other Musical Gentlemen and we are recruiting a reliable drummer at the moment to compliment our band. of merry men.

I can provide you with backing music and PA requirements for small intimate shows if you like plus help you sort out a show that you have planned. I have been in quite a few bands over the years plus played solo acoustic guitar and harmonica.

I can call on my Band Mates from the Band "Altered Beliefs and Divine Guidance " to ably assist me to provide a duo or trio and call in a drummer for bigger shows.

I play many styles of Music and play Electric and Acoustic guitar as well as Bass Guitar and Harmonica. I like the music of Neil Young and Bob Dylan as well as Coldplay and Nick Cave to only name a few but have a vast repertoire which is greatly expanded with the assistance of my band mates. I am always on the look out for new songs to try and our motto in Altered Beliefs & Divine Guidance is that no song is off limits........ we will give it go and see how it works out and sounds. Some songs crash most soar.

Outback PA Hire

I also work closely with John Simpson of Feet N Frames and at "Outback PA Hire" and together we can provide PA and Stage lighting for reasonable sized events. We have a separate website address for Outback PA Hire.

I am also a qualified Electrical Fitter after having worked at the Port Augusta Power Station for more years than I would like to own up to. So I have that experience to call upon too.

Musical Supplies

I used to run a small musical supplies business years ago and I am also looking to stock some music gear again in the near future as in Microphone and Music stands and guitar strings, picks etc. This will be a work in process setting up and tailoring my Website and Business.

Guitar Lessons

I am thinking of providing Guitar lessons in the future and also looking at other things that I can do along the way.

Gardening and Yard Cleanup Work

When I am not too busy doing all of the above I get out and do Whipper Snipping and Yard Cleaning for properties just to keep busy, as if I am not capable of being busy doing all of the other things that I have on my plate.

Volunteer CFS and SES

I have been an active CFS, Country Fire Service Volunteer for the last 35 years and almost as long in SES State Emergency Service. This is extremely rewarding and a great bunch of people to work with, we go to quite a lot of Bushfires during the Fire Danger season and a few car accidents and search and rescues around the area. People get geographically challenged occasionally in the area with the many spectacular walking trails and climbs around here. Also occasionally someone injures themselves on a bushwalk and needs assistance to get back to basecamp or medical help, its a great feeling to know you have helped someone that may have had to spend a long night in the cold if we didn't hike in and get them out.

The world is a large smelly Oyster which I am still opening to find the pearl within ........We'll just have to see what the future brings. .

NAMASTE for now.