Dave Hughes Enterprises

"Music & Mayhem just for you. ........ 
Drone Videos and HD Quality Photos from a unique perspective 
that you can only get with a drone.


Music supplies, Live Music, PA requirements for Shows, 
High Quality Drone Videos and overhead Photos from a unique perspective that you can only get with a good Drone and operator.
Gardening and Yard Cleanup work, Mowing, Small Block Slashing and Whipper Snipping, 
More to come !!

Live Music with a couple of local Bands, (Driftwood and Ground Zero) or Duo with a mate, Haven't got the courage to go solo yet , maybe one day I might just chuck the guitar and harps in the Jeep and go on a solo pub tour. 

High Quality Drone Videos or Photos for Promotional purposes, I have done a few promo videos, one recently for Pichi Richi Park. This is a great place near Quorn, where you can stay and relax.

Gardening and Yard Cleanup Work...Mowing, Slashing & Whipper snipping etc. ( just to keep busy). 
When I am not too busy doing everything else.